Kindness Challenge

IGYB Kindness Challenge – Students are challenged to reach out to others with acts of kindness.

When a student accepts the challenge they receive an IGYB bracelet, the bracelet on their wrist is a visual reminder that every time they reach their hand out to do something they see the IGYB bracelet and ask themselves the question: "Am I showing kindness to myself and others with what I am about to do?"

The whole objective is to get the students into the habit of thinking before they act and thinking about showing kindness rather than violence or harm.

Students log their kind acts during the campaign, at the end of the Challenge there will be three individual prizes awarded. The student with the most documented kind acts will receive an IGYB T-shirt and a $50 gift card, 2nd place will be awarded a T-shirt and $25 gift card, 3rd prize will receive a T-shirt and a $10 gift card. The class with the most combined kind acts will win a pizza party for the entire class paid for by the IGYB Foundation.

We are so excited about this challenge because we believe this will help instill in each student a lifestyle of looking for ways to reach out to others with kindness.

To date there are over 3,000 children who have taken the Kindness Challenge!

If you are interested in the Kindness Challenge coming to your school please contact us at 269-317-1064 or at for more information.

Ways to Help

  1. Give a gift in lieu of donating money.
  2. Talk to your school about IGYB.
  3. Donate directly to IGYB.
  4. Become a Sponsor.
  5. Contact us to see how you can help.
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